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Friday, 6 December 2013

6. Luukku: Itsenaiseuspäivä

Harini Gokul piti eläväisen ja inspiroivan puheen
naisjohtajuudesta. Ihana nainen!
Tänä syksynä Teekkaritytöt oli mukana järjestämässä Teknologiateollisuuden organisoimaa Women in Tech 2013 -seminaaria. Päivän aikana lavalle nousi monta inspiroivaa roolimallia, joista erityismaininnan arvoisen puheenvuoron piti Microsoftilla työskentelevä Harini Gokul.

Hän antoi muun muassa tällaisia vinkkejä:

"Brand yourself. Figure out the three things you want people to remember about yourself after meeting you."
"Be a leader in everything you do. If you wait until CEO to be a leader, you will never get there."
"Ask questions."
"Your career will last over 40 years. It is a marathon, not a sprint, so be nice."
"Everyone needs a rock, a chair and a sock. Rock is someone who is able to tell you the hard truth and give critic so that you can develop yourself. Chair is someone to negotiate with, someone who can give you valuable advise, a mentor. And sock is the one you can run to when you need a shoulder to cry on or when you messed up and need comforting."
"Prioritize and concentrate on what you are doing. Stop checking your e-mail all the time. Learn to identify the things that are truly urgent and important."

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